Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long Time, No Blog...

Well, it is official. This domestic lawyer is now, well, a lawyer. Commencement ceremonies took place last week, and now I'm hurling headlong into the horrors of the bar study program. Since we had to move out of our apartment (tenement) on Monday, I'm staying with my Aunt K while I attend the bar study class.

Husband's in our hometown, going back to school to pursue an M.A. in animation and visual effects. School started back again on Tuesday for him.

We move into our new (carpeted! central aired! diswasher-and-disposal equipped!) apartment on July 1. It's a two bedroom (glory) two bath (glory) apartment with a separate dining area. (triple glory!) In preparation for a huge and life-changing event such as moving into an apartment that doesn't completely and totally suck (excuse my teenage vocabulary), I have expanded tenfold (twenty-fold? one hundred-fold?) my amazon wish list(s), as well as created a registry on crate and barrel and adding many many things from to my wish lists. That isn't to say I've bought everything, but there you go.

What has been purchased is this: two sets of magnetic spice racks. Purchased by Hubby for me for graduation. Briefcases? Pens? Lawyer stuff? PSHH. Give me kitchenware ANY day.

Also purchased (by me this time) is this: Erasable Food Labels. I plan to use them both for food labeling, and to label the magnetic spice tins, which don't come with labels.

July 1 will be a very exciting day!

In other news, we have adopted a turtle, Schlomo, and are also watching for the summer, a turtle, Lucky, whom Robert describes as "an asshole." I've yet to meet lucky, but we shall see...


  1. Congrats on your impending glory and success and fame 8)

  2. Thanks, although, as a title attorney, I'm not sure glory and fame are on the radar. Success, perhaps.