Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yet another long and rambling post

Have you ever had the project that just Would Not Die? The one you pour hours and hours and hours of work into, but it is Never Done? The project that makes you want to bang your head into the wall, scream, and gouge your eyes out so that you have a legitimate excuse to never work on it again? That project? Have you had one?

If not, you’re lucky, lucky, lucky. If so, you can empathize with my plight.

I currently have one of these projects. I have put in probably close to 30 hours of work already, and it is entirely possible that I could spend that many more hours working on it. I might not finish before I leave, but was told that it was ok if I didn’t complete it. It’s an interesting project, but after sinking so many hours into it, I am just tired of it! I want to be finished!

In other, non-work related news, this weekend was a blast. It was K & C’s Bachelor/ette party. We ate at Japanese, went to the zoo, some of us ate at another Japanese restaurant, the name of which escapes me now, ate hamburgers and hot dogs, and played Sing Star and Rock Band. The boys played poker, which I missed out on, but since I “stole” (will pay him back for) the poker chips from D, then I guess I’ll have another chance to play.

I’m pretty sunburned at the moment, a product of wearing no sunscreen on a clear 90-plus degree day at the zoo. Rob and I really enjoyed the reptile house. They had a huge king cobra, and two green mambas who were pretty active.

On Sunday after breakfast Rob and I went to my grandma’s to pick up a bread machine and ice cream maker for my mom. My nieces are in town, so Sunday night (after a loooooong drive back home) was spent with them, playing the Wii and letting them look at my fish (and fishing out my dead pleco…what keeps happening??)

This is my last week of work, and I’m both sad about it and eager to be done. The remainder of this summer will be my last real summer—last chance to sleep until noon and do nothing the whole day, last chance to relax without having to work all the time. I want to make the most I can out of it.

In still other news, I have decided to forego the traditional birthday list and instead ask for one of two things: (1) a best buy gift card, or (2) cash. Husband and I have decided that our old, too-quiet, green, and a little wiggly TV has got to go. So I have made a wish list on Best that includes a large TV for the living room, a blue ray player or playstation 3, a small tv/dvd combo for the bedroom, and a host of other things, most of which I know there is no way I can afford. Because, really, $3000 washer/dryer set? None of my friends or family are that rich.

I anticipate getting enough money to be able to pitch in a little money of our own to get the TV. The blue ray player can wait, seeing as how we have a DVD player that works.

In other other other news, I saw the apartment for the first time Friday since May 25—okay, that seems like a really long time to me, but I guess it isn’t—and I have to say, props to Husband for the rearranging. The Huuuuge leather sofa pretty much dominates the living room, so there isn’t room for much else. He’s re-arranged the bedroom, putting the bed on other wall and moving everything pretty much around.

There’s only one nightstand now, and since I know he needs an alarm clock I volunteered to take the side with just a floor lamp. I’m going to sew a pouch to put over the base board of the bed so I have a place to put my cell phone, a book, and a couple of pens. The small loveseat that was in the living room is now in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, directly in front of the a/c—a little chilly, but with a blanket I think it’ll be a nice place to sit and read or study.

Just ordered a swimsuit for the trip to Arkansas we’re taking in July—black and white gingham with red trim, and a cute little black skirt. I would have just gone with the one I have in my dresser, but it’s somewhere around 8 years old and I honestly just want a new one. I need to go by Old Navy and get some of their cheap-cheap flip-flops. I mean, really, $2.50 each? Only I can never find black ones…

Okay, today's challenge (as though this is a regular thing): I'm looking for new recipes to try out for dinner and such. So, leave a comment with a link or just type up your favorite.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That Couch is HUGE!

Husband went scavenging around the dumpster after move-out day at our apartment, and this is what he brought back:

Yeah, it's definitely a leather sectional with a pull-out bed. It's definitely bigger than our living room. I haven't actually seen this thing up close, but the pictures-- well, the pictures say a thousand words. At least we'll have a decent couch to put in our new apartment.
Now, if only someone could scavenge me up some LCD tv's and a blue ray player....
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