Thursday, February 26, 2009

Superfluous Appliances

Now, I'm well aware that a Waffle Maker is not exactly excessive, being that it's really one of the only things you can use to make waffles, but we don't really have waffles all that often. Although...upon closer consideration it seems that maybe the reason we don't eat waffles that often is because... (wait for it) ...we don't have a waffle maker. That seems to be a reasonable conclusion to me. Hence... I want a waffle maker. I can already smell that delicious crispy cooking-batter smell, see the melting butter, feel the sticky cabinets after syrup inexplicably gets everywhere... hmm.... maybe this isn't such a good idea. Then again, the same thing happens when we eat pancakes, and that doesn't stop me.
But a bread machine... a bread machine would be a dream come true. Delicious, fresh bread with the touch of a button? Tempting, very very tempting. I remember my uncle making some sort of dill bread with his bread machine... I can still smell it, and I'm pretty sure I was very young. Unfortunately, seeing as how we have (a) no cabinet space (b) no money and (3) a stand mixer, a blender, a hand mixer, a microwave, a coffee maker, a toaster, an electric teapot, several crock-pots, and a family sized roaster.... Well, you get the idea. Superfluous. A little bit reckless. A birthday present, maybe? Anniversary? Just because? Hmmmm.

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