Friday, February 20, 2009


Scotch-Brite sponges are pretty close to the best thing in the world. I use them for everything-- nasty stuck-on cheese, cleaning baking potatoes, and scrubbing our cracked, peeling porcelain sink or the cracked, peeling top of our tiny, tiny gas stove. (have I mentioned we live in a tenemant?) I'm thinking of dedicating one to spot-cleaning the linoleum (that covers the floor of every single room in our tenament apartment. However, I'm wondering if I'm actually organized enough to keep five or six separate unlabeled sponges with separate uses. Sharpies don't work very well on sponges, after all.

In case anyone is wondering, there are actually things I like that are not boring sponges, but I can't very well be expected to provide a complete catalog three days in, can I?


  1. We used a sharpie on the soft-side of the sponges and it lasted for a good while.


  2. I'm amazed that you wrote an entire entry on scotch-brite sponges. That said, we had no problem using a sharpie on ours.

  3. I love them so. Apparently my sharpie is just sub-par.
    I totally stood in front of the sponge section in walmart trying to decide between the green, blue, or pink ones for my other cleansing needs. I went with blue and green. Delicate schmelicate.

  4. wow, you are really domesticated now!