Friday, February 27, 2009

Money Mojito

Yet another thing I like: Mint. No, not the herb-- although it is certainly aromatic and refreshing., a free personal finance website. These people should really pay me plugging them. But since they're making my finances all neat and arranged, for free, I guess a little free advertising won't hurt me. Here's how it works: Basically, you create a free account on their secured site. You put in all of your financial information-- credit cards, bank accounts, loans, property, etc etc etc.... and it accesses those accounts and creates a list of your expenses, broken down by category.

It helps you see where your money is going, create and stick to a budget, etc... and it has pretty pie charts! In addition, it gives you useful pieces of information like: "Hey, Law student! You are $51k in the hole!" and "Your two cars together are barely worth more than the balance on your credit cards! HAH HAH HAH."
...Although I suppose if you have more money, the news will be better.

On a completely different note, I have a personal vendetta against a certain "mechanic" who didn't bother to test the brakes on a certain fourteen-year-old vehicle when inspecting the car for the state inspection sticker. Just because they squeak doesn't mean they aren't really, really, really good brakes. I should know, I paid a lot of money to have them fixed less than six months ago.

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