Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some dead, moldy flowers

**UPDATE** has offered us a full refund (plus a gift certificate-- not like we're using them ever again). They said 4 days for the refund. I'll be patient. If we get it, then I will be at least slightly more satisfied than before.

Also, still no Samedi. I did, however, find a black cat in our live trap this morning. He was big (bigger than Samedi), fluffy (fluffier than Samedi), and ANGRY (angrier than I've ever seen Samedi.) He also did not have any white on him. So I let him go.

To the owner (if there is one) of that cat, and to the cat itself, I'm sorry. You were clearly freaked out. Although at least you got some food out of it.


Okay, I'm definitely not trying to take your attention away from helping us find poor lost Samedi, who is likely wandering University Terrace with a spring in his step, chasing birds and generally having the time of his life.

However, there is something else I want to gripe about.
My husband, in an effort to be thoughtful and brighten my day, ordered Valentine's Day flowers for me from He placed the order at least five days in advance, and paid an extra 50% to have the flowers delivered-- "guaranteed" -- on Monday, February 14th.

Today, Thursday, February 17th, the flowers arrived. I opened the box. And I found a bundle of dead and moldy tulips and Irises.

Here you can see the mold adorning the stem of one Tulip. The mold had eaten through nearly the entire stem, and was beginning to move onto the surrounding flowers.

As you can imagine, I was less than pleased that the flowers were late to begin with. And then there's this fiasco. The moldy, dead, brown, wrinkled flower fiasco.

In this one, you can see that the irises and tulips are wilting-- they were not packed with any kind of wet towel around them, so they have been shipped from California to Louisiana with no water whatsoever.

Here, you can see the brown, dried stems of the flowers from where they were packed with no water or moisture.

Thanks, ! You have helped to make this one of the worst weeks ever! Congrats! We will be getting a refund, or I will offer to represent the thousands of other angry clients who have complained Here, Here, Here, Here and Here.

It will be a class action suit you can never win. Sobbing women on the stand who received mold in a gift box? Children who sent flowers that never arrived to their elderly parents in nursing homes? Deployed men in uniform who ordered flowers that their sweethearts never received? Juries eat that stuff up. What they don't like is a flower company that doesn't deliver.

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