Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Domestic Lawyer's Plea

As most of you probably know, our cat Samedi ran away on Tuesday afternoon. So we're asking for your help-- yes, you!-- to find him.

This is Samedi. He's six months old. He's a domestic shorthair with black fur, except for a white patch on his chest-- you can see a bit of that white patch here. He's about 9 points, and looks nearly the size of an average cat. Although you can't see it, he has a thin tail-- he's not fluffy. He is not declawed, and he is not yet neutered.

He was last seen at the Sommerset Apartment Complex near Millicent Way and Bert Kouns on February 15, 2011.

What we're asking is three things. First, that you keep an eye out for Samedi. Second, that you share this information. Put it on your facebook page, text it to your friends, mention it on your blog-- anything! More people knowing about Samedi means more people who are likely to find him and help us bring him home safely. Third, if you see Samedi, contact us. Your can email to or call or text to 318-286-2450. Let us know where and when you last saw him.

Here are links to various pages about Samedi for your to share with your friends:

Thank you in advance for you help. With your assistance, we have a much better chance of bringing Samedi home safely.

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