Monday, May 18, 2009

Post about Nothing in Particular

It's been a while since I have updated, I recognize this. I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks…first with trying to survive finals, then with trying to get settled back in my hometown for the summer, and then with working a normal 9 (8:30)-to-5 job.

I’m working at one of the law firms in town as a summer clerk. I have a corner office (curiously enough) on the top floor of one of the towers, with a nice view of the downtown area and the area north of the city. I have plenty of work to keep me busy, and the attorneys and staff are all very nice here. Naturally, I miss hubby, and I get the distinct feeling that he misses me, although he has a couple of friends in town to entertain him and my friend is going down on Wednesday to stay overnight, so he’ll have company then as well.

I’m going back down there on Friday to spend the long memorial day weekend with him—I’m so excited, I’m counting down the days and hours, which is a little bit ridiculous, but nevertheless I am doing it.

I bought (another) fish tank this weekend—this one a smaller 5 gallon, with lots of natural plants—for a betta, some ghost shrimp, and an apple snail. Provided my betta, when I get him, doesn’t go haywire and kill everything else in the tank. I read that if you put the other critters in first your betta won’t be so territorial. If all goes well I might put him in the 10-gallon for a while and switch my fish around. I’d really like to have cichlids, but they need to be in the 10-gallon (at a minimum, I really should use a larger tank for them), and I’m not so sure how well cichlids and betta get along. Although again, I’ve read that as long as the betta don’t get territorial and the fish don’t have long, brightly colored fins, betta are actually okay with everyone but other betta.

Planning a Bridal shower for my friend K (really, I’m too lazy to think up CRAZY nicknames for all my friends here), which I’m kind of excited about. Due to time constraints I’m thinking I’ll probably order the cake from somewhere and also buy some chicken salad from a really good grocery in town (I’ve heard it’s amazing) so I don’t have to do quite so much work. My friend S (sounds a bit like Gossip Girl, doesn’t it?) is going to help out, so I won’t have to do all the cooking on my own, thank God.
I have purchased vases in a variety of shapes for flowers, and I plan to tie big green bows around them. In addition, I’m going to buy fabric to make a table runner. It will be super cute and I will have to change my name to “the Martha Stewart of Law Clerks.” Not really—she’s a little bit nutso.

I joined a gym up here in town for the time I’m going to be spending here. It was really cheap with a summer special, and has free classes (pilates, aerobics, pool), a sauna, and a hot tub. Oh joy, an actual good gym!!!

In July, Hubby and J and I are going to Lake Ouachita in Arkansas, which I anticipate being lots of fun. I want to fish, so I’m going to have to convince them that they, too, want to fish. (I’m also going to do my best to convince my husband that we need to rent a boat with an actual motor—canoes, not so good with two larger (one of us actually fat) people and one skinny person. We almost dumped ourselves in Degray last time, and I think I was smaller then.
But other than anticipated canoeing issues, I’m really looking forward to it. I love camping and swimming and all of that other tomboy-ish stuff, so it should be lots of fun.

I interviewed with a firm on Friday that I was really excited about possibly getting to work with. (Please do not try and diagram the previous sentence. I mean it.) However, they haven’t gotten back to me. I’m wondering if this is “we’re really busy and know you won’t start working for us until almost July”, or if this is “we don’t want you, you’re too stupid.” I’m hoping it’s the first for financial reasons, but to be honest, I think I would survive if I didn’t have a job for part of the summer. I would get to go home for a week or so, and then come back up to Shreveport to watch my dad’s house.

But, the downside is we wouldn’t have the whole lot of money that I wanted us to have. AND it means probably having to get a bigger Bar Study Loan in the spring. AND it means less of a chance of getting a job offer in the fall. So… kind of torn. One last break would be SO nice, though….

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