Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After today (although I suppose I should count today since I still have classes to go to) I will have only two days of class left in this semester. The thought, I am not afraid to admit, makes me a little bit nervous. First final is April 29, which is Federal Courts. I also have family law that friday. The week after that are bankruptcy and civil procedure back to back on monday and tuesday, and then on thursday I have insurance, my...final final. I'm sorry, I can never quite get over that pun. It always makes me giggle.
Finals time for me never seems to involve as much studying as it should, although it does involve quite a bit of panicking about how I'm not studying enough, followed by a period of deceitful calm in which I decide that I'm going to do okay after all and I don't need to worry quite so much.
Oh, also somewhere in there I have to find my sister a birthday present and address invitations for my friend's bridal shower.

I have been working (thus far unsuccessfully) at convincing Hubby to allow me to get a small fish tank. He doesn't seem too thrilled at the idea, so for now I'm stuck with no fish and no other pets that are even remotely cuddly. Alas.

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  1. When ya'll get back home the cuddly Reggie will come live with you. Of course she loves to cuddle with both of you. Send your sister a gift card and quit worrying.