Monday, March 22, 2010

Ranch Dressing, Stepford Style

As Husband said, store-bought ranch dressing is "Gooey and tasteless."

I can do better. Much better.

Here's the ingredient list.

Sour Cream
Olive Oil
One (or two) small lemons.
Kosher salt (regular is fine)
Black pepper--fresh ground will provide a much sharper flavor
Bell Peppers (I used red, yellow, green)
Fresh herbs (I used dill, basil, cilantro, and flat leaf parsley)
jalepeno (if you want)

Basically, you chop up whatever proportion of the veggies that you like, and stuff it in your food processor. Add the lemon, and pulse until it's kind of pasty, drizzling in some olive oil as you go.
Open the food processor, and dollop in equal amounts of the mayo and sour cream. Spin again until it's a fine paste. Add more olive oil or lemon juice (depending on taste) until it's thin enough to be a dressing. Or keep it thick for a dip. Whatever.

Sorry this recipe isn't very precise, but honestly it's up to your taste. You can also add things as you like to change the flavor.

Example: Greek Olives, feta cheese, fresh dill to make a greek dressing (maybe substitute some yogurt for the mayo or sour cream)

Cilantro, jalepeno, cumin, and tomatoes to make a fiesta(!) dressing.

Go crazy. Have fun. Don't buy your dressing from a store ever again.

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